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Stephan Attia

Agent: Patrick Lennon
Sorøvej 22, Døjringe
Sor, Denmark


I was borne in Haifa in 1971. I've been living in Denmark since 1994, ecept for the 2 years (1997-1999) were i lived in Colchester England. 4 of my many poems have won contests in USA on the net in a website called angelwingsmiles4u
here is the address of one of them:

as for theatre plays i have written 6 and working on my seventh. Although i recieved good critics on my plays i dismissed the idea of having an agent because of suspision. However, i believe it is possible to sell my plays to fair contracts. If i could only find the right theatre and publishers. I believe artsists should have a fair share in the fruits of their writings and therefore i rejected some thetres offers. Nevertheless, i still dream to see my plays promoted and my poetry published despite the harsh competition. As an artist it is in fact impossible for me to understand the concept of competition as i believe in justice. I have also sold my poetry in the streets of Tel-Aviv and Haifa. People loved both my attitude and my poetry as i tried to sell my poetry on my own. Poor but bold i chatted with people and they bought the books. The first day my poetry was published i carried on my back 160 copies of my first poetry book from haifa to Tel-Aviv. My back hurt but i did not give up. I write both in Hebrew and in Eglish. I wouldn't say my English is flawless, it is far from that! However, it is sufficient to make people thrilles about the meanings of my heart and the things i wish to say. So far i was stubborn to fight the system of money. I gave up my aducation for a theatre play i have written (in English) and also for a children story. I have gone so far from my dream, and my dream is still unfulfilled. All i'm asking is a fair chance! if there is an honest publisher out there ot even a literary manager from a theatre that stages in English, please give me the chance i never had. From the writing you will know more about me, but most of all you will know that no matter how dark is the system of the world, the heart of a poet and a playwright is always in the light when he or she creates.

All my love
Stephan Attia

Interests: To sell my works to theatres and publishers. I enjoy travelling, and creating poems and plays.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes