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Andrea Campbell

Agent: Jean V. Naggar
40 Pyrenees Circle
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, United States


Home page:

Andrea Campbell lives in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, a community nestled in the Ouachita Mountains, part of the national park system and boyhood home to former President Clinton.
She is the author of eight books on a variety of topics--no one will ever accuse her of being a "one-note Charlie."
Andrea gives programs on writing, entertaining and primatology. This year and next, she teaches online workshops for both the Romance Writer's of America's chapter Kiss of Death, and Painted Rock Writers and Readers Colony.
Andrea has a degree in criminal justice; studies criminal profiling and is a forensic artist specializing in Forensic Reconstruction Sculpture and Forensic Comprehensive Composite Art.
Andrea is foster mom for a Helping Hands capuchin monkey named "Ziggy," was host mother to foreign exchange daughters from Holland and Spain, and is the real mother to two sons. She and husband, Michael, are originally from Cleveland, Ohio.
No stranger to promotion, Andrea has appeared on many television shows, has been the subject of dozens of print articles, and the featured guest on numerous radio shows. In the fall, she appears on the national gameshow To Tell The Truth. "Will the real Andrea Campbell please stand up?"

Interests: Primates and primatology, criminal justice and criminal law, entertaining, parties and using interactive games, journal writing, interior design, and the forensic sciences.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Great Games for Great Parties
  • Bring Up Ziggy: What Raising a Helping Hands Monkey Taught Me About Love, Commitment and Sacrifice
  • Perfect Party Games
  • Your Corner of the Universe: A Guide to Self-Therapy Through Journal Writing
  • Making Crime Pay: The Writer's Guide to Criminal Law, Evidence, and Procedure
  • Forensic Science: Evidence, Clues and Investigation