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Beighton Devlin

La Nucia, Spain

Two friends collaborating

SIMON BEIGHTON - Born in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England.
Simon is the only child of Kathleen and David Beighton.
He attended Crigglestone Middle School and St. Thomas a Becket
catholic comprehensive before going on to study business and
finance at Wakefield College. He started working as a DJ when he
turned sixteen and picked up his first residency at Harley’s Bar and
Legends Nightclub in Castleford that same year.
After a spell living in Ft Lauderdale, he moved back to Wakefield and
resumed his DJ career. In 2006 feeling the need for change he moved
to Benidorm and quickly found work in one of the resorts busiest
entertainment bars Sinatra’s, where he can still be found most nights.
He was approached by Paul Devlin to see if he would be interested in
“Doing a bit of writing” two years later and their first book was
released to fantastic acclaim. With plenty of more projects in store
the second chapter has only just begun.

PAUL DEVLIN - Born in 1964, Paul spent his early years living with his
parents and sister, Dawn, in the cobbled terraced streets of
Kensington in Liverpool before moving to the Lancashire market town
of Ormskirk where he lost the harshness of his scouse accent. His
sibling, being four years older, was a fan of the popular boy bands of
the seventies and he would spend hours listening to their songs and
emulating their voices as best he could. This is where his dreams of
being an entertainer were sprouted
On moving back to Liverpool in his teens he attended The Liverpool
Institute High School for Boys, the former school of Sir Paul
McCartney and George Harrison.
After leaving school the reality of his dreams were far from reach and
he attended various YTS jobs before landing an apprenticeship at an
electronics college where he began to study the security industry. By
the age of 23 he was the co-owner of one the Merseyside’s most
successful security firms and took the position of Security Consultant
in CIA. But the pressures of the 24/7 job and having a baby boy, Kyle,
took its toll and he decided to quit the security industry.
By the mid-nineties he had turned his hand to property development
but had never been far away from taking to the limelight and started
performing more and more to an audience. He began to build a
repertoire and along with his cheeky attitude became popular in the
local venues as an all-round entertainer.
In 2001 he decided to make the move away from the UK and travelled
to Gran Canaria where he multi-tasked as
It was in early 2006 that he met Charlene. They were friends at first
but soon became very close and in early 2007 they decided to make
the move to mainland Spain and start a life together. They arrived in
Benidorm and quickly gained employment as entertainers. Later that
year on a visit to New York he hatched a story whilst looking at the
subway map and started putting pen to paper.
In 2010, the couple married and in 2012 they became the proud
parents to George. Shortly after, Paul noticed the potential in an
acquaintance, Simon Beighton, and wanting to take his writing ideas
to another level, approached him to see if he was interested in
collaborating on a few ideas.
The two sat down, threw a couple of ideas around, developed a few
storylines and within two years have completed a number of
manuscripts and released their first novel, The Genesis Chamber, in
February 2015.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Genesis Chamber
  • Rebound - Scar Tissue of the Soul
  • The Adventures of the Panto Seven - The Half Nelson