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Rick T. Baron

Gulf Breeze, Florida, United States


In 1984, this Author had found himself divorced, out of work and searching for answers. He was very confidant as to who he was, that his compassion was for man, or at least most men, ok, more so of women, but it was heart-felt. What was lacking was a sense of direction, a purpose to his life. And since time did not sequence effectively in conjunction with this Author’s life, he has not published works of relevance up until this moment in time. Timing is of great significance in one's life, however, if one is not wearing a watch or keenly aware of every day life cycles, one will never answer the door when opportunity knocks.

Numerology and astrology became a study and focal point in order to help explain the "whys". When one is adrift, a lifeline or in this case a Lifepath can begin to come into focus. The understanding of one's Lifepath allows a person to avoid the typical pitfalls of ignorance.
Being born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1950, his numbers shake out like this:
Month of Birth: 11 or 2
Day of Birth: 20 or 2
The 20th Day of the Month is the Day of Judgement

Year of Birth: 1950 (15 or 1+5 = 6) 6
Combined: 10 or 1
Net Number: 1 + 2 = 3
In Depth Number: 1 + 2 + 3 = 6
Scorpio on the cusp of Sagittarius

The youngest of five children, Rick knew early on that the family surrounding him was something that he was born into, not the result of a multiple choice session with the Creator. There were no incentive programs that came with each optional life one could live, or at least none that he was aware of. Purpose and path were always a haunting and daunting question to him. The path, if there was one, was never clearly defined. He did not have generations of military heroes, a lineage of politicians, most certainly no royalty (that he was told) and no famous sports stars to plow the field for him. This Family, as many are, consisted of a variety of personalities all vying for attention, identity and purpose. Everyone was separated by age and gender cloaked in their particular line of succession.

The author often wondered about those choices: royal lineage? How about a nice
dirt-floor hut somewhere in Africa? Better yet, an igloo in the Antarctic? No, one
just comes sliding down the chute landing hopefully in a doctor’s arms, a tub of
water or the back seat of a Chevy Nova. Rick was told he landed in a Doctors’ arms in a hospital, during a record Pittsburgh snowfall which delayed his first step onto the yellow brick road. For our purposes here, this is known as
For the most part his early childhood was fairly normal; however, his perception was that he always felt different in some way from the rest. As with all "2s", there are familial problems. Without disparaging or judging anyone, since the Author was born on Judgement Day, the Father was absentee and the Mother was unusual. After high school and some college in Pittsburgh, Rick had to escape. He felt contained and constricted but he knew that there was something else out there. Unfortunately, college was almost as boring as High School so he took off for Europe and Africa during the early 70s and discovered that his education was out in the world. When he returned from that odyssey, he decided to exchange his life in California Pennsylvania for the real California.
Southern California in ‘72 was interesting, exciting and represented a complete cultural change from the winters and mindset of Pennsylvania. Having established a place for himself amongst the “have a nice day crowd” in Venice Beach and Santa Monica, Rick met his first wife. For a number of years in the 80s he managed to find work in the Movie Studios in Hollywood, where he constructed movie sets in places like Paramount, Universal and Warner Brothers Studios. Seeing “stars” on a daily basis was the norm and he often laughed to himself observing that they “were like everyone else, just people.” Jane Fonda at 6am looked pretty damn good.

During those early eighties, and heading to divorce court, Rick continued to search for meaning and purpose to life always sensing that more change was forthcoming. However, this was to be significant change. Rick began to read books and literature that described an in-depth perspective of life and its meanings. Subjects like astrology and numerology took center stage and began to provide structure as well as reason to his life. He has made this study a cornerstone of his existence, which allowed him to better understand the path he had been following. Unfortunately, many people do not consider these options in life. Many sheep do not have a simple understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses let alone the reason why other people come in and out of their lives. This insight has more relevance than mere coincidence.

 In the mid-eighties, Rick left So-Cal with his new wife; they turned his back on the Big City and headed for the true Northern California, the Arcata-Eureka area. This was Humboldt County, magnificent beaches, towering Redwoods, Environmentalists living in trees along with banana slugs and spotted owls. A popular, local expression was “where the sixties meets the sea” because the drug culture was deeply entrenched there. For another 16 years he managed to hack his way through a tough life in the North, where he and his wife developed Real Estate Investments and Businesses along the trail, characterized by cold, wet, unforgiving weather, until he had enough living with the mold n cold. Everything they owned was sold, a Conestoga wagon big enough for a family of four, two dogs and a cat was purchased and the Clampetts headed for warmer weather.

Three thousand miles later, they dropped anchor in Panama City Beach, Florida….white sandy beaches, emerald green waters, gentle gulf breezes and temperatures in the 90s….what more could one ask for? Unfortunately, the dream would be short lived. There was an economic tsunami looming that no one suspected and the Clampetts managed to escape again, this time to Texas.
Politics and opinions were always a part of his character; Living through the Kennedy, Johnson, Ford, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush-again and Obama Administrations, the rise of conservative talk-radio and the media conglomerate that it is today, brings him to this stage of hoping to educate people about their choices and the true affect this can have on their futures, their Families futures and the future of our civilization. This is more than education, this represents a structural change in man‘s evolution. We must be more educated, more open-minded and ultimately, more tolerant. A road map is provided for those weary of simply grazing or having a “herd” mentality.

The author will occasionally mention the past lives that he has led. One can experience this with time and cycles and evolution. The first life lasted until he almost drowned in a public swimming pool except for the life saving life guard. The second life was the car accident that completely destroyed his friends brand new car and did some serious damage to Rick and his high school friend. There was another time in college that will remain unwritten at this juncture, and then there was the first divorce. With a new marriage to begin Year 1986, life carried on until another near fatal car accident in 2009 when another brand new vehicle Rick was driving was totaled by an uninsured motorist that ran a red light at 55 miles per hour. By the 2nd divorce at the end of 2012, one lost count of the lives and cycles. And the Wheel of Fortune continues to turn.

The good news is that life and cycles and new experiences continue. THE DROP ZONE was sufficient. It was a safe haven to begin life, but something bigger was calling.

Interests: Numerology; Astrology; Politics; Self-Help; Business; Travel

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • DESTINY AND FATE, Two Predictable, Volume II
  • THE DROP ZONE, Where Life Began