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Marcia Kreutzmann

Santa Rosa, California, United States


Home page:

I misunderstood what mom was saying, but then a road
trip from California to Mississippi can have that
effect on a five-year-old. The Tall People could no
longer live with each other after 20 years. I heard
"Miss Hippie" but she was saying "Mississippi", soon
to be our new residence for the next decade.

Mom's homeland was the Deep South, a place the rest
of the world has forgotten, and the southerners keep
it that way. The southern folk behave as if the Civil
War was yesterday and the Civil Rights Movement never
happened. Land of white linen suits, talcum powder
and bad oysters.

In between hurricanes, both the cocktail and the
storm, Nick the step-father entered the picture. You
would have liked him, for Irishmen are jovial by
nature, even more so with a drink in one hand.

Dad in California wore the three-piece suit, spoke
the legal language fluently and hung the sign on his
office, William Kreutzmann, Attorney-At-Law, but it
was just a ruse. Underneath the disguise beat the
heart of a hippie. His marijuana plants grow next to
the famous poster of Albert Einstein, and he has a
rock and roll drummer for a son. Need I say more?
Well, actually I wrote a book so I guess so.

You might even be a bit jealous and think how
exciting to fly from Swamp Central to Tokeland each
year. If this was a movie ... well, it could never
become a movie, the soundtrack would have to switch
from Loretta Lynn to Grateful Dead and that is just

Well, go get your raisinets now, for during
intermission, I'll tell you I married, had two
children and divorced after a ten-year stint. I
followed the typical American life. Only thing
missing was the two car garage with one and a half

After the divorce, there were many stumbles and
crashes. Then opportunity held out her hand to help
me up. The hairy job of dog grooming I learned
quickly and am still shaving, trimming, plucking and
polishing. While on the grooming table, the dogs
dream of the mudhole in their backyards.

Later, old age introduced himself but we are not
friends by any means. I keep him around only because
he has a gift, the gift of memories. The memories
stacked up to the point I knew I had to set them free
with pen and paper.

Writing my story was a struggle as all you writers
well know, but after a year or so, the book exists
and is well-received. Available on

Writing is an intriguing skill and reading my
personal favorite, Joan Didion, gives me great
pleasure. If only I could write in the magical way
she does. Cheers, Marcia Kreutzmann

Interests: History, outdoors, environment, art, reading. learning.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Miss Hippie In Mississippi