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Mark Neracher

Phoenix, Arizona, United States


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Currently seeking literary agency representation

One thousand feet above the carwash in Scottsdale the helicopter pilot parked his craft in a stationary hover, waiting for a car to emerge with the two targets. The GPS tracker emitted a steady signal from below, the beacon in the agent’s phone. He had them cornered.

In the seat next to him, the copilot scanned a radar imager over the carwash and watched the monitor. “I can’t get a clear view inside,” he said. “Too much heat from cars and equipment. We’ll just have to track them the old fashioned way.” He grabbed the binoculars and trained them on the building.

The pilot spun the craft so the man in the back seat, the shooter whom he had just retrieved from the desert after his stinger missile failed to do the job, had the best view. He then checked the routes leading into the surrounding area. The cops were on the move, tearing up Scottsdale Road. Sixty seconds tops.

Although he had not expected it to come down to this, the mission was still intact: terminate. But with secrecy no longer on their side, the shooter had to use a lesser caliber weapon to avoid collateral damage, making acquiring the target more difficult. The director will have to come up with a new story to explain this spectacle. A tragic explosion at the airport claiming the lives of an FBI agent and his suspect no longer applied.

As he watched the exits like a hawk, a glint of sunlight from a puddle at the head of the carwash line shattered like a mirror when a silver Jaguar sped out of the building.

“There they go.” His passenger checked the imaging monitor. “I’ve got two warm bodies inside.”

The pilot gave some right pedal and the craft floated around. “Make sure you hit them this time,” he said to the shooter, who acknowledged the order with a nod and flipped on the rifle's laser sight.

I have withheld the title of this work to ensure its availability at publication. World Victory, the sequel to this thriller is complete

Managed retail business ($125mm annual sales), then formed a consulting company to help business owners improve profit through sales promotions, marketing, and efficient management strategies. Produced, self-published, and promoted non-fiction (how-to) nationally through media appearances, radio, newspaper articles, etc.

I like reading and especially writing, including song writing. I oil paint when time permits, and have recently started a home accessories business. I own I love to travel. I am world-ranked in the sport of basset hound wrestling and hold my own in a good round of croquet. Enjoy softball and hoops and watching pro hockey. I like a variety of music but favor classic rock (Turn the Page by Bob Seger is my fav).

Update November 2010

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