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Gregg Smith

Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States


I was excited to start writing once I finished my time in the Army. So many good
stories about my experiences flooded my mind and I couldn't get them all out at one
time. I wanted to make sure that my family would know about the experiences, even
after I was gone.
I have written and published my first book, "Our Chosen life: A Soldiers Story,"
about PTSD. I am former military, so I can understand what a soldier goes through
and why a lot of them end up the way they do, so I wrote this book to help people who
are not familiar with the life to understand.
My second book, "Society Agents: Allegiance," is a fiction work about a society in
the near future that has to learn to police itself. It's the first book in a three book
I currently live in Cheyenne, Wyoming with my wife and youngest daughter. While
teaching, one question that I am always asked is if I can tell stories about the military.
I usually go ahead and tell them about it, edited to their age, of course. I am now
writing books for all ages.

Interests: History, Music

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Society Agents Allegiance
  • Nonfiction

  • Our Chosen Life