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Dick Pirozzolo

Box 812909
Wellesley, Massachusetts, United States


Home page:

After several nonfiction books about the lore of traditional American homebuilding
and design, Dick Pirozzolo turned his attention to fiction with "Escape from Saigon - a

This latest work chronicles the events of April of 1975 — the final thirty desperate
days of the Vietnam War. It is the story of journalists, diplomats, South Vietnamese
families, spies and double agents who are trapped in the beleaguered city as the
North Vietnamese Army tightens its stranglehold on the city.

"Escape from Saigon" will be released by Skyhorse Publishing, New York on
December 16, 2016

For his service during the Vietnam War, Dick was awarded the Bronze Star for his
work as a US Air Force information officer in Saigon. He worked as a media
spokesperson and often participated during the official daily press briefings aptly
nicknamed, “The Five O’clock Follies.”

While serving in Vietnam, he observes that while the fighting ground on for years, life
in Old Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) continued unabated. The wealthy played at private
clubs, and both diplomats and journalists gathered every afternoon for cocktails on
the Veranda of the Continental Palace Hotel.

Dick became a journalist and pubic relations executive but Vietnam was always on
his mind. He returned many times during the mid-1990s, playing a prominent role in
fostering US-Vietnam reconciliation that included establishing trade, travel and
educational ties between the former enemy nations. His articles on Vietnam have
appeared in "The Boston Herald," "Transpacific," "The Washington Times," "Insight"
and "Destination Vietnam" to name a few publications.

In addition to having published five books, Dick is a communication consultant and a
member of the Society of Professional Journalists, the Foreign Press Association,
The National Press Club, Washington, DC and The Historical Novel Society, Boston.

He serves on the Editorial Board of Boston Global Forum, a think tank with ties to
Harvard University that fosters peaceful solutions to world tensions and supports
cultural, commercial, and political ties with Vietnam as well.

Interests: History, cybersecurity, foreign affairs, finance.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Escape from Saigon