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Martin Fone

Frimley, United Kingdom


Home page:

A Classics graduate from Trinity College, Cambridge I had a successful career in the
insurance industry. I co-authored two books on public sector risk management which
were adopted by the Institute of Risk Management as their standard text books.
Since retiring I have had the opportunity to develop my interests, mainly reading,
writing and thinking or, as my wife puts it, locking myself away in my office for a few
hours a day. In particular I have been blogging and writing in my tongue-in-cheek,
irreverent style about the quirks, idiocies and idiosyncrasies of life, both modern and
ancient.Check out the blog on
My book, Fifty Clever Bastards, shines the spotlight on 50 individuals who in
their different ways made a major contribution to the way we live our life today.
I have always been fascinated by inventors and Fifty Clever Bastards is my paean to
human ingenuity and a celebration of those who came unstuck in some way.
Fifty Curious Questions, my latest book, attempts to answer some of those irritating
questions that life throws up along the way.

Interests: History, science, reading, blogging

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Fifty Clever Bastards
  • Fifty Curious Questions: Pabulum for the Enquiring Mind