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Michael Hardy

Agent: None
Kuala Belait, Brunei Darussalam


Home page:

I was born in South East Asia and was raised strongly no my country’s culture. Between the ages of 7-9, my family moved to England and I developed a love for western culture, but it unfortunately left a staggering effect on my previous life in mys home country, leaving me very out of place there. Even now, that effect still remains. Around the age of 10-13, a family/friend, Oliver, introduced me into the world of anime with “Vampire Hunter D” on VHS, which to me is a hero that I can relate to and has a big influence on me. I bought that same VHS tape from a friend who stole the tape from Oliver. I didn’t read the book or manga until I was in my mid 20’s, which have also influence me as a writer. By the time I went to college and university, my roommate Mike, who wanted to be a film director at the time, inspired me to write a film script, but Mike lost it when he went back to his home country. I tried to rewrite that same story as a novel, but was tired of writing it again, but it still motivated me to become a writer. Then, in the year 2010, influenced and inspired for my love of Vampire Hunter D, the love and hate for certain vampire flicks, video games, Western and Asian monster folklore, and a friend on YouTube, who is also a writer, I created Kris Hellion, a story that I had thought of since my college and university years. I hopes that people enjoy reading my book and would like to hear what people like or dislike about it.

Interests: anime, live action films, mangas, super heroes, video games, etc

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No