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Kris Mescher

Dublin, Ireland


I write smut. It’s not so much that I’m sex-obsessed; I’m dedicated to arousal and titillation. Call me a hedonist, but I’m after describing mammal-brained pleasure in unconventional ways. Ideally, no one should ever be sure if I write from fantasy or from experience. Ideally, my exes should feel compelled to send me “Hey, saw you’re writing erotica now, just making sure you’re not writing about that time in Chicago…” Facebook messages. Ideally, reading my kind of sex reminds women they don’t have to accept bed death.

I’m an overeducated American, living as an Irish import, frequently described by loved ones as “ornery.” I’m great fun at parties; a former sex researcher with a blistering sense of humor…I have a talent for making things a pleasant amount of weird.

You can read the fruits of my current project, "30 Days of Smut" at:

Interests: erotica, smut, BDSM, sex, gender, psychology, interpersonal relationships, intimacy, feminism, research, baking tasty cakes

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes