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Timothy Buchanan

Buchanan, Virginia, United States


America is in big trouble. That's no secret. What's wrong and how to fix it--upon those we disagree. Our national elections have become little more than popularity contests, and we have paid a heavy price for our own reckless. Is there a solution? Yes, of course there is. But until citizens and voters take a good hard look at the past few elections and plot a better course ahead, it will never be implemented.

I have worked on computer-controlled radar and guided-missile systems, in broadcast television and satellite communications and on the digital voice and data radio system for the Virginia State Police. In this work I’ve learned an important and valuable lesson; there is no higher authority on any system than the Engineer who originally designed it. That knowledge drove me to write two published books. Recently, I’ve been writing articles for the on-line publication, BarbWire with Matt Barber, while working on a third book. It has become obvious to me that many people in this country have either forgotten or never learned initially, what it means to be a man or woman of integrity. I hope to help to change that for those who have become weary of simply going along to get along, knowing deep down in their hearts that they are empty and hopelessly lost.

Interests: Diagnosing problems in American politics, culture, national conscience and the Church.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Threat from Within: Denial of Truth
  • The Boobonic Plague (An American Epidemic)
  • Autopsy of an Era