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Teresa Sewell

Agent: D.N.Lyons
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


Home page:

Teresa Sewell currently lives in Canada with her fiance Rob LE. Together they write for various groups when not working on a new story.

Teresa started writing in the 1970's. Her first sci fi story, Manta Ray, was inspired by a heatwave and drought in California at the time. During this same time she did several short stories and comics: Dyna Twins, Draculus as well as the script for a short screenplay on Joan of Arc.

In the mid 70's she apprenticed under well known Photojournalist Bud Lee of Ybor City, Florida learning lots on journalism, photography, script writing and video production.

Later she started a magazine and a newspaper that was both printed and online. The reader base quickly grew from a local base of 1000 to a worldwide base of over a million readers. As well as created several comics like the Deer Hunters and others.

Retired she returned to her love of writing, with Broken Arrow Wars Series, co-written with Rob LE. Though not her last with other books in various stages of development some solo and others with her writing partners, Rob LE and Marc G.

Interests: Writing, Art, Paranormal, and Nature

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes