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Cindy Parmiter

Belpre, Ohio, United States


I'm what you might call "a late bloomer" when it comes to my writing career. Two years ago I was a chick who made my living organizing homes. That is until one dreary Sunday afternoon when, with nothing else to do, I sat down and wrote a screenplay. Less than a month later, casting had begun and an independent movie based on my script was underway. It doesn't hurt that my husband is a filmmaker. The movie turned out to be...meh...but, I had found my passion in the world of writing. Eager to feed off of that momentum, I dove headfirst into writing my first two books, Three Haunted Tales and Fox Holler. I learned all I could about self-publishing and within three months my books were available to the world. Imagine my surprise when they crashed like a lead balloon. I had a lot to learn, to be sure. After licking my wounds, I took a long, hard look at my writing style. What sort of books did I, as a reader, enjoy? That was a no brainer...nonfiction....specifically ghost stories and tales of the supernatural. There was no shortage of material. You see, I come from a long line of people who were raised in the mountains of West Virginia. I had grown up hearing stories of demons and spirits that had tormented my ancestors throughout the ages. Soon, I had total strangers who offered to share their tales as well. That led to the publication of my "True Stories of the Paranormal" series. People embraced the books and the feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive, much to my surprise and delight. The "Tales Too Strange To Be Fiction" series soon followed. My latest offering, "Could It Be True? Volume 1: Urban Legends" is the first in a series that will explore folklore, mythical creatures, possession, voodoo and other subjects that straddle the line between fact and fantasy. In closing, who am I in a nutshell? I'm a wife, a mom and, I never thought I'd say this, a writer! I have to pinch myself everyday to make sure I'm not dreaming (and to get the circulation going in my leg that is constantly falling asleep). You can wake up now, I'm finished. Peace to you, one and all.

Interests: Family, animal welfare, bicycling, hiking, reading and, of course, writing.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • True Stories of the Paranormal: Volume 1
  • Nightmares & Triumphs: The Misadventures of a Professional Home Organizer/Cleaner
  • Fear of the Night: Real Tales of Sleep Paralysis, Night Terrors & Prophetic Dreams
  • Could It Be True? Volume 1: Urban Legends
  • Tales Too Strange To Be Fiction