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Kafui G. Ayivi

Oda, Ghana


So on an early Saturday dawn I thought 'mm I am bored with being in mum's stomach', so I came out of there albeit all the squeezing and screams.
Anyways, I am twenty years now, and still kicking hard like I did in mum's tommy.
I took interest in writing when I was ten years, I started joining contest when I was eleven, my major one was the Citi fm writing contest, though I never submitted my work.
I took writing very serious when I was sixteen and read a few of my father's works.
I do freelancing now, but I plan on publishing my works soon and being an Author.
I write wide range of genres but I love writing fiction, just letting my mind loose and going everywhere it wants to in order to create.
I love what I do

Interests: Well as you already guessed one of my interests, it is writing. I could write something serious that I can submit, but there are days when I just love to write, sit and take a pen and paper and just write something that comes to mind. I like cooking, the

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes