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Kelly Garner

1352 Panorama Drive
Vestavia Hills, Alabama, United States


Home page:

Kelly Garner is an author, inspirational speaker and community leader. He was born and raised in Florence, Alabama, however, he has called Birmingham home now for close to thirty years. He has resided mostly in the Birmingham, Alabama suburb of Vestavia Hills. Kelly is married to a native of Vestavia Hills, Melissa, and they have two boys, both at Vestavia Hills High School.
Following a near death experience and extraordinary recovery, Kelly authored the book - The Night That Changed Our Lives – which is an inspirational story that has touched the lives of many people.
January 2014 started out as a normal day for most of us including Kelly. Kelly’s book was primarily inspired by his experience during a storm in Birmingham, AL. He became familiar to many in the Birmingham area as the Good Samaritan in the January 2014 snowstorm, the “light” dusting suddenly turned to a major ice storm that crippled most of central Alabama where he offered assistance to stranded motorists and was injured after plummeting 40 feet off of a cliff into a ravine.
He spent over 12 hours in single digit temperatures before a neighborhood rescue party located him early the next morning. He survived the fall but suffered a shattered vertebra and fell into a severe diabetes hypoglycemic state. Kelly had his vertebrae fused together with titanium rods and screws. Dr. William Neway’s surgical team labeled his back the “Eiffel Tower.” Spent 23 days in UAB, several weeks in the Neuro ICU in critical condition before being moved to Spain Rehabilitation Hospital then to Lakeshore Rehab facilities for his remainder of rehabilitation time
It was doubtful that he would ever walk again but after numerous surgeries and his rigorous rehabilitation, Kelly has beaten the odds. In fact, just a year after this incident, Kelly completed the Mercedes half marathon. His surgical team was so inspired by Kelly's story that they decided to run the race with him.
He has lived with Type1 Diabetes for well over 41 years and has completed 4 half-marathons and numerous 5 and 10K runs. When Kelly was diagnosed in 1974 he had the highest blood sugar level ever recorded and still to be alive to tell about—over 2,000 mg/dl.
Honored as the 2014 Vestavia Community Member of the Year.
Honored with a House Resolution given by the Alabama House of Representatives for kelly’s heroic assistance helping motorists in the January 2014 Snowmaggedon.
Kelly is dedicated to providing encouragement to others through his story of turning struggles into a glorious outcome.

Interests: all sports, long distance running

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No