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mark clarke

Agent: no
KhonKean, Thailand

Email: clarkmarc622@

Traveled? yes wed yes few times, buisness hate it military loved
it, Asia spectacular live there ? I do ! best company for serene
harmony me !! writing, three complete works love them all no
critics having only one reader, guess who ! ambition live as long
God Budda Alah Saten whoever it is out there allows, money need it,
love what is it ? drink never ! smoke share holder in crematorian, polotics brain dead well qualified if I need a carreer change, love Aria's
Humphrey Bogart, Lumley Brando Depp apple crumble with custard, anything painted green, except my women ( Martians exempt ) the wrap of autum her swirling gown of gold yellow brown,carries me to
time long since past, when foolishly I assumed innocence would last

Interests: anything and everything that sets me on a new course new idea or direction, cooking eating loving sleeping, arguing debating building,

Published writer: No

Freelance: No