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Sneha Gill

Girona, Spain

I am a 39 year old female with an insatiable appetite for reading and writing.
My journey through life has been ..interesting to say the least! As a child I found
myself been further and further buried beneath the avalanche of my experiences, as
a teenager and young adult I lashed out at myself and others. I was so shocked,
confused, lost and angry that the best my career advisor could recommend was that
‘If I carried on like this I would end up in prison’. I fought bullies, manipulation,
cruelty, injustice, rage and a reckless desire for self destruct. And in the end I found
I was actually only fighting myself.
Whilst selling timeshare in Tenerife at the age of 29 I had a spiritual awakening,
from that first day I built an altar in my bedroom and would lock myself in the toilets
at work to pray. I had no idea that this was to be the greatest love story of my life
and the most mystical and magical journey I could never have dreamed of. I did not
ask for this, I was not searching or seeking consciously, I was too busy getting
drunk, taking recreational drugs well anything that would lead me away from myself
really. I was an atheist for goodness sake!
For 11 years now I have had a beloved Guru to light my path, a daily meditation
routine and many many amazing experiences. I have found that there is magic in
this world if we know where to look, the universe is an abundance of love just
waiting for us to to cast a glance in that direction, we are never alone and help is
always on hand.
I live, love and breathe meditation.
My first series of books are a guide to meditation with the goal of demystifying
meditation, taking out all the spiritual concepts and terminology in order for this to
be palatable to those with or without spiritual beliefs, as the meditations speak for
themselves both the new and experienced meditators can find benefit from these
books. The books are a visual journey as well as a meditative journey. I have
included a brief introduction about myself and inspirational quotes and ideologies to
add to the flow and feeling.
The first book is for couples entitled Love and Meditation, the second for Her and
the third for Him.
I have read many books on self-help, meditation and the spiritual path, looking for
guidance and practical solutions and was often left feeling overwhelmed with the
abstract and underwhelmed with the obvious.
My series of books are practical, powerful and a tool to help alleviate hurtful though
process’s and damaging belief systems. Having passed the book to a few non
meditators they found it easy to follow and not at all overwhelming, also with the
meditators they found it to be a celebration of meditation finding it to enrich their
current meditations and adding a few new ones. The meditations are powerful yet
simple and require only 10 minutes a day, so even in the busiest of schedules time
can be found.
I wish you love, love and love

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