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Patrick Bedont

Agent: Kirtap BeDon't
North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, United States

The Last Mutineer series has evolved from a series of recurring dreams I have had
throughout my life.

I always try to jot down dreams after I wake and keep them tucked away in the dark
recesses of my hard drive. Yet, never in my life could I have imagined they would
ever turn into something as marvelous as 'The Last Mutineers'.

It was a brisk spring day shortly after I recovered from my quarter-life crisis when I
began this project, which just so happened to be a couple of months prior to my
twenty-fifth birthday. Now I do not want to bore you with the details. Just know that I
was not in a very good state of mind at that time.

After that depressive episode at the beginning of 2014 I really started to reconsider
my life choices. I ultimately sought to change my despondent ways. So with the help
of my coworkers and loved ones I pulled myself up from that dreary pit of despair. I
then sought to accomplish one of my many dreams.

I was not sure what that dream was at the time, but after I did some soul searching
I began writing an autobiography and getting my writing chops down. It was then
that I knew that writing was what I wanted to do with my life. However, after I began
writing about my own depressing life, which has been filled with naught but
monetary struggles and constant disappointment, feelings of self-doubt and loathing
began to course through my mind. After several weeks of writing, my autobiography
began turning into more of a suicide note. So I quickly sought to change the subject
matter of which I was working with.

When I stopped the whole autobiography nonsense I started opening up all of the
different WordPad files I had saved in one of my old folders. As I searched through
all of the poems, dreams, and song lyrics I have written over the years, I stumbled
upon a particular recurring dream I have had since I was a child. After reading it I
was soon overcome with a flood of ideas. Over the course of the following two
years, 'The Last Mutineers' series came to fruition from that very dream.

Now I have an entire series tucked away in my mind and a plethora of notes in my
notebooks to guide me along my merry way as I begin writing the other books. That
is not even mentioning the other series I have ideas for! So keep your eyes peeled
for The Last Mutineers on the bookstore shelves in the future. Thank you for your
Tepbian Kord ~Out.

Interests: Writing, cooking, auto repair, house remodeling, gardening, loose leaf teas, healthy living.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Last Mutineers: The Beginning