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Julion Okram

Los Angeles, United States

Writer. Debuting in 2016 with childhood romantics / mystery solving books not only for children - but to intelligently entertain adults as well ;-)

The story series starts in a fictive European communist country in 1970s - 1980s. Can this kind of stuff be readable, or even funny? In literature, this era was often represented by (1) officially approved "socialistic realism" books with lots of censored misleading propaganda produced by conformist writers; or (2) bitter memories and sad documentaries by emigrants / escapers and political analysts. My books show these things from the angle of a light satire - as a grotesque scenery for secret societies and resistance circles practicing the prohibited activities (private ownership, reading western literature, having spiritual views, etc.) in illegality and under various creative forms of disguise.

On the above background, an 8-year schoolboy Bruno plays with his friends, and the kids are inventing amusing games in their otherwise boring city. Bruno discovers a misplaced mysterious historical chest. It once belonged to his grandfather, it is locked, and nobody really knows what is inside - but it glows therein, and weird things are happening around there! Without the help of an enigmatic treasure hunter, Dr. Sinister Barton (disguised as a speech therapist working in a ramshackle state ambulance), the chest would be confiscated by the police. And this is just the beginning of a chain of unusual histories and unexpected twists. With every new discovery or scientific explanation, even more new surprises and challenges will emerge...

Not every mystery can be resolved within a week. Patience, dedication, continuing interest and long-term systematic efforts are needed to achieve great goals. Never give up - real life will bring more failures than instant winnings. Friendship and mutual trust can help people to survive in difficult times and in dysfunctional society.

Light-weight, easy-to-digest funny and mysterious adventures, seen by child's eyes. With aspects of science fiction, but always based on deep knowledge of real science. Scientific explanations of miracles and apparitions. The stories are trying to make you laugh or smile, but also to leave an impression "I want this to be real" or "I will make this real one day" rather than "I am so sad that this story could never happen".

People-eating monster invasions, time traveling, synchrotron explosions, meta-humans, parallel universes, mass destruction, inventing a new antibody within a 3-hour time span, obsession with crime, gunfire heroes, etc. ...

Interests: Futurology, History, Gene engineering, Artificial intelligence, Science, Medicine

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The case of a forgotten chest