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Charles Sabo

Tucson, Arizona, United States


Home page:

I live in Tucson, Arizona. I am originally from Conneaut, Ohio, lived In Cleveland, then Akron area(Cuyahoga Falls). I moved to Tucson is 1986. I have lived through many careers and have been kept always financially desperate. I am currently a Technical Specialist with Sears and troubleshoot problems in kitchen and laundry appliances over the phone. I had authored two books in 2014 as the Lord has led me to do with a third one being written. My first book is called The Feasts, The Harvest and The Resurrection and is available for online viewing. The name of the second book is We Wrestle Not Against Flesh and Blood... which is a book on demonology and spiritual warfare. I have recently finished with my third book, The Prophecies of Daniel, which is new on Amazon this week. This book is a Bible Commentary on the historical fulfillment of prophecy in the Book of Daniel and the interpretations to the prophecies yet to be fulfilled. Though one can be self-published, it doesn't mean they are financially secure, God keeps me on a short rope financially and I praise Him for keeping me close to Him. I have found myself digging very deep into Biblical and human history and enjoying my journey as God reveals both what is true as well as what is falsely proclaimed history. I pray that God will use this class to reveal even more history that He wills me to know.
I was raised believing in Jesus Christ in a secular church environment and didn't really feel the Holy Spirit(oblivious to Him) drawing me until fall of 2007. I have always been a detail oriented person good with teaching and so I have felt drawn to teaching God's word online through youtube videos since 2008. God has opened my eyes to many truths in His word and also shown me truths about how evil this world is. I am graduated this past May 2015 with a B.S. in Religion, then I started this past summer 2015 to go after my Masters of Divinity in Biblical Studies as well. It seems the world doesn't qualify me as a person well educated on God's Word based on what the Holy Spirit has taught me. It seems the world only respects what man teaches in which I have seen heresies being taught and am careful of what I consider to be Biblical. I will let the Lord lead me to a position that He wants me to be in once I have the credentials in line with the secular worlds requirements for a position.

Interests: Jesus Christ

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Prophecies of Daniel