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Scott Morton

Largo, Florida, United States


A well educated New England upbringing lead to a restless search for meaning. Various paths taken as a Biker, Soldier, and Construction Worker, combined with an all around gypsy-like lifestyle have given me a well rounded respect for the world we create.
Clouds Jumping – by: Scott V Morton
God and the Archangels Collide In A Battle For Control Of Reality Itself!
Out in the Desert, to Commit Suicide, Judge Margaret Templestone is Chosen to become an Unwitting Participant in The Struggle, as She Embarks on a Fantastic Adventure, which will Prove to Decide The Ultimate Victor.

The story of a journey, not a destination. This story revolves around an exceptional female judge in 20th century America. Her wisdom, so recognized that her verdicts are not subject to appeal by any court. A story of world weariness so profound, and disappointment so deep that this extraordinary woman sentences herself to die by her own hand. The intervention of an amazing man who piques her curiosity, sets her upon a path to discovery, courage, and a destiny undreamed of.
Clouds Jumping – Book One of The Archangel Diaries
ISBN: 0-595-14533-7

Published writer: Yes

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Published works:


  • Clouds Jumping