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Sayed Abuelmagd

9 Al Masged Al Aksa Talbia Faysal foor3 flat 9, Giza 12558 Egypt
Giza, Egypt


Marital Status: married to a Spanish lady called Josefa.

Qualities: I Respect and accept the differences of others. Regardless of our differences, we are the world and this world is for us all.
I am sociable, reliable, calm, kind, caring, patient, modest, creative, friendly, witty, reasonable, gentle, understanding, energetic, cheerful, honest, faithful, Respectful, attentive, hard-working, well-educated , open-minded, creative and positive.
Personal characteristics
• Self-driven and a team player;
• Good communication skills;
• Motivated by interaction with other professionals;
• Able to understand and communicate complex information;
• Ability and interest in working in your company Development environment;
• Can work consistently within agreed frameworks, and to agreed standards;
• See the product and product support documentation from the user’s perspective;
• Able to understand how users interact with your system and anticipate potential gaps;
• Interested in process improvements.
Academic Degrees:
1-Faculty of Arts English Department,
2-Moray House Institute Of Education at Heriot-Watt University:
He has completed a course of study in Teacher Development English as a Foreign Language.
3-Cambridge: Training college in Britain:
I have successfully completed the College Program of Training and passed the final examination in the field of
Teaching English As A Foreign Language TEFL Diploma With Grade : Merit.
International training company registered in England and Wales: Number:7147750 UK.
Professional certificate in teaching English as a foreign language ( TEFL).
Grade (Merit).
5- I got my Master Degree in “conventions of Dramatic Scripts” from Heriot-Watt University.
PHD in Comparing Lady Macbeth and Imelda Marcos of the Philippines.

In addition to my study in Dram and Education at Moray House Institute Of Education at Heriot-Watt University, Cambridge: Training college in Britain where I have successfully completed the College Program of Training and passed the final examination in the field of Teaching English As A Foreign Language TEFL Diploma With Grade : Merit and Loughborough:
International training company registered in England and Wales: Number:7147750 UK.
Professional certificate in teaching English as a foreign language ( TEFL). Grade (Merit), I did a study on “conventions of Dramatic Scripts” and another study on
Lady Macbeth and Imelda Marcos of the Philippines, began self-autonomy and my Independent Study (Academic Information and Policies section) in:
1-Philosophical foundations of Judaism; readings from classical and contemporary writers; major religious and national issues and philosophical concepts. First semester: basic beliefs; second semester: contemporary issues. For beginning-, elementary-, and intermediate-level Jewish studies students.
2-Survey of Jewish thought on selected present-day religious, moral, and ethical issues; discussion and analysis based on traditional and contemporary writings.
3-The moral philosophy of Judaism; individual and social problems in light of Jewish ethical norms and values; readings from selected texts, both medieval and modern.
4-The problem and definition of evil as understood in Talmudic literature and medieval and modern Jewish philosophy.
5-Survey of medieval Jewish sources on the nature and scope of prophecy.
6-Analysis of textual sources—ancient, medieval, and modern—dealing with eschatology in Judaism.
7-Problems and concerns of the major Jewish thinkers; role of philosophy within Judaism. First semester: through the medieval period; second semester: modern thought.
Academic position:
As a teacher of English:
I worked as a teacher of English in governmental schools, private schools and language schools at Giza and I took my training in Dunfermline High School In Scotland.
I have taught English on both the junior high school and senior high school levels .He taught English in IES tierra blanca zarza badajoz.
Selected Awarded
The Ideal teacher.
The English Prize Shows.
Recent position:
The chairman and the owner of Top Talent Camp in Spain .
The Talent Environment.
We teach the student how to be a creative thinker.
We teach the student how to improve his or her talent. I teach the student how to clear out the randomness in his or her thoughts and replace it with clear focus.

1-Building better behaviour
2-Creating a positive Classroom atmosphere
3-Handling Challenging Situations
4-Making the most of your Communication Skills
5-Getting to Know your Students
6-Working as Part of a Team
7-Building Ponds with Parents
8-Ten Great Ways to Engage with a group
9-Ten tips for dealing with Stress.
10-Building Teaching Skills
11- Being a brilliant teacher
12-Becoming a confident teacher
13-Improving how you communicate
14-Creating Fantastic lessons
15-Taking Control of Your class
16-Handling behaviour in a positive way
17-The modern Teacher
18-Working with your students beyond the Classroom
19-The Art of Bluff
20-Modern Style-Firm, fair and Fun
21-Understanding The subconscious message I send
My articles were translated into Arabic and published on The Electronic Gate Of El Wafd.

Current Research:
The Big Dream( A Revolution in Education)
-A Modern Education based on Creativity with The Spirit of Rationalism and Scientific Thinking.
-A Strategy for Teaching about Specialization at an early age.
-Students must learn meaningful relevant information that connects to their world.
-Specialist schools focusing on their chosen subject area.
-Facilitating the Development of research skills through course work in Statistics, Psychometrics and participation in supervised research courses.

Sayed Ibrahim Abuelmagd’s lectures about how to
1- listen to others.
2- encourage others.
3- resolve conflicts.
4- motivate people and psych them up for success.
5- put in the student’s mind that developing talents means building the future.
6- guide people and inspire them.
7- help people reach their full potential and lead a happy, healthy and secure life.
8- inspire, motivate and help students make a difference in their lives.
9- talk to people in authority with confidence.
10- believe that good management is better than good income.
11- teach students to colour a lovely future full of joy and dreams.
12- believe that leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.
13-Problem solving:
14-Thinking skills such as visualization, association, abstraction, comprehension, manipulation, reasoning, analysis, synthesis,
15- be in contact with literature appreciation of the sublime and beauty.
16- have the power of God on our side. to get power directly from Allah.
17- change the way people think, the way people act.
18- create life by design.
19- uncover and release the unconscious obstacles that hold people back from creating the life they desire.
20- live a life that is free of fear, doubt and worry.
21- keep doing what I am doing to keep getting what I am getting.
Dr Sayed Ibrahim Abuelmagd is an author, motivational speaker, trainer, and education expert and an owner of a talent center in Spain.
The recent Works by Sayed Abuelmagd( on Amazon)
1-Cool Grammar…..Produce good language. Expand your job
2-My wife died and came Back to life!
When your time comes, die like a hero going home.
3-The art of the superstar teacher!
Teach like a movie director in the classroom
4-Education for life Schooling as preparation for the world of work
5-Help me! Evil thoughts are killing me!
Crush evil thoughts and enjoy the ultimate happiness
6-GoodbyeInterview phobia
Welcome Dream jobs
Get the job easier and faster
7-The Reality….Create your own miracles!
8-Cool easy English
Learn English and American
9-Heart in the Dark
When betrayal hurts
10-A touch of simplicity
11-Racism Why!!!
After we die we will be just skeletons
12-A touch of Simplicity
Make your life a piece of cake
13-Carry the Day
14-Respect and accept the differences of others
Regardless of our differences, we are the world and this world is for us all.
15-Carry the Day…Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well
16-The power of self-imagination
Turning failure into success
17-Daesh cutthroats
Stop calling this criminal group “Islamic State”
18-The Master Key to becoming a Great Writer
Ways to Fall in Love with Words
19-Inspiring Teaching Demos
Smile! You will be an Imaginative Teacher
20-Hug life with enthusiasm
Enthusiasm moves you from Zero to Hero
21-Create a sense of purpose Create a better world
Open up, explore yourself and head for a happy future
22-The craft of acting ,,,,Secrets to Landing Your Dream Job in a film or television
23-Loyalty is the difference maker! Loyalty creates the power of Love and withstands the shocks of adversity
24- Recto….Keep love in your heart
These inspiring moral short stories will teach you an important fact of life
25- The Touches
The amazing touches of Jewish Philosophy on the world
The Philosophy and Jewish thought Offer the world Unique Values
26-You are my heart…. You are my forever
Poems & Songs that will create lasting love and affection
27-Classroom Techniques
Make the classroom more stimulating, challenging, safer, and happier
28-Do you want your baby to be the super genius and really smart?
Do you want to prepare your child for tomorrow’s world and to make him or her astound the globe?

Interests: I like chess, swimming, yoga and walking

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No