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John Dee Jeffries

2813 Regal Drwww
Chalmette, Louisiana, United States


What do you do when you've messed up - I mean really messed up? We've all made our share of mistakes. We've fumbled the ball. We've blown it. We've wasted opportunities. Stumbled. Fallen. Failed. But, what do you do when your patience with your life is worn out - because of failure? What do you do when failure has impacted your life in such a way that your life no longer makes sense? Maybe you need a miracle - a genuine God-sent miracle!
In the Bible, when God does His thing, we call them "miracles" - today, people call them "God Things" (when God does something miraculous, it's a God Thing).

I call them "God's Kisses" - hey, listen, as I write this I have Divine Lipstick smeared all over me! And so do you! Nothing can separate me and nothing can separate you from the love of God! That's - "truth spoken in love!" Hip! Hip! Hallelujah!

One of our Greatest Fears is the
Fear of Failure.

One of our Greatest Pains is the
Pain of Regret

I was raised in a very religious home. My parents were faithful in their religious obligations in raising their children. Because of their faithfulness, I received a strong religious education in both elementary and high school.

When I married, I don't know what happened. Maybe I didn't have anyone to push me. Maybe I was just lazy. Maybe I believed I was just too busy. I don't exactly know why, but, somehow, I drifted away, stopped attending church and ceased being interested in spiritual things.

One day, my son, who was attending a Christian preschool, stated emphatically that he wanted to go to the church by his preschool. The following Sunday we attended. After we attended, a lady from the church visited my wife and me. The lady shared from the Bible. Even though I was raised in a religious home, we did not study the Bible.

This lady carefully explained Scripture to my wife and me. She explained how "faith" and "repentance" work together to enable people to receive the "gift of eternal life." After explaining the Bible to us the lady asked each of us if we would like to invite Jesus into our lives.

"Do you want to invite Christ into your life and receive the 'gift of eternal life?'"
I said, "Yes." My wife said, "Yes.

Something real, something genuine, happened within me, I loved God and felt deep gratitude for what He had done to make my salvation possible. I began to go to church as often as the doors were open. I loved the singing, the preaching, the Bible studies, the prayer meetings, the fellowship and especially the worship. I began reading the Bible daily, prayed often, even tithing and going on visitation to tell others about the wonderful new life in Christ.

Many additional steps of faith have followed since I took those first simple steps. I can honestly say it has been a wonderful life. My wife and I shared a good marriage before Christ. Through Christ, however, we have both discovered what it means to have a marriage blessed of the Lord. Everyday is an adventure, a walk of faith. Its been a wonderful, wonderful life.

I cannot, however, say that everyday has been beautiful and free of problems. There is, however, one thing that you should know - Jesus Christ has always been faithful. Every day Christ is helping me, guiding me and blessing me.

My hope? My prayer? That God will kiss you through the books I've written and through the books I publish - even as He has kissed me!

Now, what's that smudge of red on your cheek?

"Do you want to invite Christ into your life and receive the 'gift of eternal life?'"

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Last Martyr
  • Nonfiction

  • When I Can\'t Find God