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Leerdam, Netherlands

His novel has been characterized as mysterious fiction, a speechless fantasy adventure and a wonderful tale.

The author lived in the southern part of the Netherlands during his early childhood. His family moved and he spent his youth in a town close to Rotterdam. Aguidon went to university to study sociology and politicology but switched to social geography in Utrecht within a year.

Studying appeared not to be his thing at that time and Aguidon ended up as a full-time volunteer at a daycare center for over a year. After that, he had a year of education in order to become a teacher at an elementary school. In short, he explored some of his interests during this phase of his life.

But his passion for audio and sound led him to a fascination for computers. He had a career in ICT before he decided to become full-time housefather for both of his sons.
Besides this fulfilling task, he spends time in his audio production studio and likes to watch the birds in his garden.

He wrote on several occasions in his life but he considers the book KRA his most precious accomplishment as of yet. Aguidon's aspirations to write do not stop here as he currently working on the storyline and the details of his next two novels.

Interests: Writing, Global development and news, Two sons, Nature, Birds in the garden

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • KRA