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Lachesha W.B.

yulee, Florida, United States


Home page:

I am a mother and wife that loves to look on the other side of life. I see things a bit
differently than most and take pride in being different. I write about my dreams,
allowing my unique individuality to shine. Sometimes it's incredible and at other
times it's not, either way its mine, and more often than not I am exceptionally
pleased with my work. To me, fiction writing shows me a bit of mercy from reality.
With my writing, I can bring to life how I see things in my dream world. I discover
excellence that most overlook, beauty in what others find hideous, and discover
peace when life is wild. People say a fiction story is merely a story that is made
strictly from ones creative energy, I accept fiction as shrouded truth that enhances
the creative ability.

My writing is very different than most. I am very proud of that. So many feel that
unless you follow certain rules, there is no way a good story can be written. I, of
course, don't agree. I think writing is an art and I also think that every piece should
be unique. Some of my stories are written in present tense, which some people
despise. I don't care. Why? Because, I believe that just because others don't doesn't
mean that no one should. I do things that others won't because I know I can make it
work. Not because I can't complete things the way other writers do. Why fit in when I
can stand out?

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Time\'s Deathly Rage (Deglon Blood Book 3)
  • Vilmo\'s Wrath (Deglon Blood Book1)
  • Survyve Daylights Doom (Deglon Blood Book 2)