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Jodi Clark

Martinsburg, West Virginia, United States


Home page:

I discovered my passion for writing at the young age of twelve, when assigned to write an essay for my English class in school. The words flowed effortlessly, enabling me to complete the assignment in only thirty minutes. My English teacher praised my literary piece and urged me to continue developing my raw talent.

The years that followed brought forth poetry, published in various anthologies such as Cherished Poems of the Western World, which later evolved into short stories.

At age 25, I married and had a son, Matthew, all while my passion for writing flourished through poetry and stories of the inspiration around me. Though I work a full-time job, writing is both my passion and my goal.

I later became the primary writer for Around the Panhandle Magazine where I live in 2008, while also writing ehow articles, online, for Demand Studios. That same year, I published two short stories, Courtney and A Miracle at Thanksgiving. 2008 also brought forth “The Adventures of Pippet”, a children’s book that I published with my son, and “The Disappearance of Benny”, my first fiction novel.

Five years later, I published my fiction novels, “Aiding Revenge”, “Matriarca” and “Bleeding Panther”. Recently, I republished and released “Bleeding Panther” with a more in-depth storyline and additional plot, as well as "Mother Condemned", a revised edition of "The Disappearance of Benny".

My novels are available on online bookstores such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Google and Goodreads and through my website at

Interests: Writing (of course), dancing, concerts, snow sports

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Bleeding Panther
  • Mother Condemned
  • Aiding Revenge