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Mariéme Mborso Ndiaye

Le Plessis-Trévise, Florida, France


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Mariéme Mborso Ndiaye was born in Dakar, Senegal in 1984. Seventh in a family of nine children, she grew up peacefully under the watchful eye of her mother, a teacher in a school in Dakar and that of his father who is employed at the registrar.
His parents anxious to give him the best education enroll her at the Institution Sainte Jeanne D'Arc, a private Catholic school, which combines children belonging to the middle and upper classes of Senegalese society. She will spend his whole school cycle in this shcool. It was during this period that his mother introduced him to the pleasures of reading. She watches her daughter and ensures that books borrowed from the library are well read. Through readings of his age, Mariéme discovers the wonderful world of the imagination. A world where nothing is impossible. A world that leaves dreamer, and she gives birth in an imaginative spirit that will never leave her...

After the first two years in the collegeSacé Coeur, she joined the prestigious Lycée Lamine Gueye of Dakar. She will get his bachelor science in 2002. Then, she continue for two years study accounting, on the advice of his mother who wishes her daughter became chartered accountant or Auditor.
In November 2005, Mariéme joined his five brothers and sisters who moved to France to continue their education. She will continue a course in the field of accounting abandon it after two years.

In 2007, she moves towards financial market . She finds that domain much more exciting than accounting. It was during the winter of 2008, she falls on "World Without End" by British author Ken Follett. During the two weeks of her winter vacation, day after day, Mariéme read the thousand three hundred pages of the novel. She discovered the author, his writing style, and falls in admiration. A passion born from this meeting ...
In early 2009, Mariéme landed his Master 2 in financial market. But unfortunately, the stock market crisis occurred during the end of 2008 nullified his professional projects in this sector. Thus began a long journey through the desert, marked by unemployment and chaotic financial situation. But the young woman prefers to stay confident. The financial crisis has taken away a part of his dreams but unemployment it offers something much rarer: the time to write. Finally !
In early 2011, after months of hesitation, she began on writing his trilogy "Men and chains". Volume 1 will be born nine months later. Sent to several publishing houses, the manuscript will repeatedly refused before obtaining a favorable opinion of Dagan Editions.
Mariéme is currently a consultant in an IT company.
Volume 1 of the trilogy "Men and chains" is his first novel and its release is scheduled for 11 May 2015. The drafting of volume 2 is almost complete.

Interests: History, Sport, Cooking, literrature, travelling, nature, reading, writting

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Le crépuscule des boekins