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Charles Riffle

Grafton, West Virginia, United States


Charles Riffle began writing short stories at a young
age, inspired by his favorite author at the time, Judy
Blume. Charles became interested in horror, particularly
movies. His early favorites were the Friday the 13th,
Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street films. At 10
years old he wrote a fan fiction story about Jason
Voorhees as an adolescent attending school. The story
was not well received by teachers who deemed it too
dark and disturbing. As a teenager Charles began
reading books by Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Ed
McBain. At 19, Charles wrote his first book Teethgrinder:
Stories of the Macabre. The book went unpublished and
virtually unnoticed. Charles gave up on writing for many
years in favor of working 40+ hours a week. In early
2012, Charles was declared legally blind. Charles, at the
urging of his wife began writing again later that

Though known as an eccentric figure, Charles enjoys
spending time with his wife Elizabeth, a Science Fiction
author, and their 5 rescue animals (2 dogs and 3 cats).
His interests include: video games, Superhero movies,
professional wrestling, his Amazon Kindle and yes
horror movies. Charles was a professional wrestler
working on the independent territories for nearly ten
years before an injury. He also studied Hudo and Jiu-
Jitsu and was an amateur boxer for a short time.

Charles' latest works include The Path to Psychosis,
Stories That Should Not Be Told and the short story
series The Z Word. His works in the near future are
Weird Tales from Outcrop, Agnes of Deat (book series)
and Agent Richard Peters (short story series).

Interests: Horror films, Literature, Video Games, Animals

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Path to Psychosis
  • The Z Word
  • Stories That Should Not Be Told