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Jackie Swift

Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia


Okay, so I'm 40 - I'm still alive and functioning. I have three very nice, very cute kids and a usually pleasant partner. I live in a big tropical house surrounded by palms, currently full of noisy parrots. The sea is at the end of my street and before the builders and developers moved in we could see it from our front verandah.It's hot most of the time and it rains like buggery some of the time. I've been here for 17 years. I guess I'll move again one day, back to the cold wasteland of southern Oz but not just yet for a while. Being warm is nicer than being cold!
I've been writing since I was ten. Nothing major out there just yet, but short stories, poetry and articles published in national journals and newspapers. I have two finished works, both helped along by a respected Australian writer, Nadia Wheatley. I'm now doing the big-sell business, casting out my lines and hoping for the big bite.
I teach, I write. I shout at my kids, I write. I am happy and cheerful most of the time. I write literary type fiction, concerned mainly with relationships, the inner life of people, obsession, love, sex and friendship, especially between women. I fancy myself as Fay Weldon or Joanna Trollope.

Interests: Writing - there's a surprise! Reading - another one! Water sports, horizontal sports, politics, arts, movies, books, coffee, foooooooooooood

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No