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James Lyons-Weiler

Allison Park, Pennsylvania, United States

James Lyons-Weiler has taught genetics, ecology, bioinformatics, and evolution at
institutions of higher learning in the United Stated. As a Sloan Postdoctoral Fellow he
studied Molecular Evolutionary Genetics, and founded the Bioinformatics Analysis
Core at the University of Pittsburgh and the Ebola Rapid Assay Development
Consortium. A lifelong student of how methods in biological and medical research
impose limits on understanding, he brings a vast and varied background to the
problem of understanding all aspects of any topic he studies. He brings light to issues
with a literary craft that helps the reader understand the issues, and the issues behind
the issues, with clarity. In an era of big data and big money interests, he has paved
new inroads into maintaining a classic focus on the scientific aspects of research.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Ebola: An Evolving Story