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Ron Carey

Agent: Alan Gray
Ridgway, Pennsylvania, United States


Born and raised in Texas, I used to make up stories to tell to my younger brothers and sister and I actually enjoyed it.. The way I see it today being a writer is almost godlike. You create lives, towns and you actually like some of the people you create because maybe they have the traits of someone you know and admire. Sci-Fi writers create planets and strange creatures. I got to the point in life I couldn't work and I bean writing mostly to fill my days and i wouldn't lose my mind.. I can walk down the street to the store and my mind is constantly going with story line ideas. The ones I like I keep and when I get home I write them down. I live in a small town in Pennsylvania, and some of the things I see give me ideas to work with. I create heroes that are pushed into a situation where they have to do something to save the day. They're not always built with big muscles and they're never pretty boys, they're regular people placed in a not so regular situation. I like going and looking at some of the older buildings that are closed down and I take my camera to take pictures through the glass. A few of those I don't know if it was a trick of light or something else. But it gives me the chance to put an idea on the back burner. Yeah, further down the road I may try horror again, but I don't want it to be near repeats of something someone has already done. I guess if I do try to make any statement in the stories I write it's through the choice of friends and those the hero loves and cares about. The hero never cares about what others think about his choices and he will always defend those he chooses to care about. I learned that being a writer you put a lot of yourself into the story, and you give it all you got to make sure the reader loves the heroes and wants him to totally destroy the bad guys. To always win the heart of the girl and for their lives to be okay.

Interests: Action and Adventure, Kinda like horror tried it a few times and enjoyed it.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No