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Nicole Kiefer

Wawanesa, Manitoba, Canada


Home page:

I was born in Germany into a Family with handicaps, my mother was confined to a wheelchair, and my father was born with Nail-Patella Syndrome, which I inherited... (Thanks dad) However, seriously, I was lucky to be raised by people with so much compassion and inner strength. Until I went to school, I hadn’t really understood the difference between my parents and the parents of other children. Neither had I known that being different myself could cause problems.
Long story short, I was bullied for all kinds of things. One of them was my problem to read and write correctly. Nobody knew it, or thought of it back then but I was, and still am Dyslexic. The problems it caused made me just get by in school until grade seven, then one teacher changed my life. She looked at my writing and knew what I had; only it didn’t matter because there was no program to grade me differently, or help me in our school system. What she did was ignore largely my spelling mistakes, grading mostly the content. She encouraged me to read and write more often, gave me tips on how to get better in both. What I didn’t know was that my problem had a name, only years later I would learn that my problem had a name, a reason and that I could work around it.

In the end, I graduated school and knew that me being different didn’t matter, and that to those people who thought it did could go and f... well we don’t say that. After school, I began an apprenticeship as sales associate. Until 2002, my life was boring, besides giving birth to two children and getting married. In 2002 we moved to France, where I became a home staying mom with too much time on her hands. I began to write in online communities, and after a while, I had my own Website with information’s for other who wanted to immigrate to France. By 2005, I had accidently created a book, mostly because people emailed me asking for one. Then towards the end of the year the Lerato publishing house asked me if they could publish my book. Out of my mind with excitement, I agreed.
Frankreich – Ein ratgeber fuer Auswanderer und Grenzgaenger (France- An collection of information for immigrants and border hoppers) was published in April 2006 and it made me unbelievably proud. More so, it felt like a slap in the face of those who had called me stupid and useless during my school time.
The Lerato publishing house was small, so I had committed to promote my book as well any way I could. Only with not much experience, I didn’t pre-write my entries, but wrote them on the fly. This caused that most entries where filled with spelling mistakes. There were many comments telling me to get lost, and worse, because of my spelling alone.
This inspired me to write another story, my story. Und ich kann es doch! Mein Leben mit Legasthenie und Turner Kieser Syndrom (And I can do it anyways! My life with Dyslexia and Nail-Patella Syndrome) was concentrated on my years in school, and the impact those disabilities had on my life. The book was published in December 2006 with the same publisher, soon becoming the bestseller of the publishing house.

In 2007 we immigrated to Canada, making it our permanent chosen home. I stopped writing to concentrate on the life we were building here. In 2011 my life changed drastically when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, learning that the pain I felt would never go away again. It made clear that at some point I would become unable to work in my job as a cook. I reached that point in 2014 and since then returned to writing, now I am getting back into the business. Hoping that my stories will touch and help others, or just bring some joy to them. In many of my stories, I use characters that also deal with disabilities, showing that people with them, are no different when it comes to love, lust and living.

Interests: Reading any book I can get my hands on, History, Biology, Medecine, and of course writing.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Waiting in the Wings