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Shatho thato Masalila

Agent: Show casing talents
1835 AGB Sebele
Gaborone, Botswana


Shatho Thato Masalila is a Teacher of the Word Ministering under the Revelation Grace or ability born on April 8 1994. He began to move under the Power of the Holy Ghost as early as 20 years. The Devine Revelations and insights he speaks or explains in the word of God are nothing else but the Grace of God in his life. Not by Power or Might but by his true spirit. Under this Revelations, he teaches in the uncovering, an unveiling, revealing, or revelation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I grew about with the love of strange things and my biggest desire in the things of God was to really experience the power of God. Many people today leave the church because there is no power in the church. The power is not what keeps the church but I have got to realise it’s a language to unbelievers, and my zeal continued to grow that may reach out as a youngster and make known, God’s true power. Jesus clearly showed that if people do not believe in him, they rather believe in the works he does and indeed the miracles he did.
As early as 19 years, I have been used by God in teachings, to teach his people, to become a disciple of our lord Jesus Christ just as peter was, Luke, John, Mathew, James and many more who have books in the Holy bible. God gave me this revelation that just as he used his disciples this is how he will use us also even as many disciples as we can, we share our personal encounter with him or reveal mysteries to the world about his true gospel, indeed Jesus is coming and so are we are preparing the way like John the Baptist, that those who truly believe must not perish. I grew up at a slow pace for having time to read or write a book, but as his grace decides for us, I found myself, being able to write a book. This is my first piece of work and many more to come. God’s grace is hard to understand, you will never know what he will do for you next or how he will use you. I am now a Young Minister of the word revealing unsearchable reaches of Christ just as Paul says he was made a minister according to the gracious gift God bestowed on him by the effectual operation of his influence.(Ephesians3:7)

Interests: Reading the Bible

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Published works:


  • The Manysided Wisdom of God