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Barbara Borror

Rio Rancho, New Mexico, United States


You want my Bio? Where do I start? Do you want my vitals? I'm an average human female. I am the oldest of three girls, who got to grow up as Air Forse brats. My dad was in the milatary. But both my parents grew up on farms,and were good story-tellers, so I grew up on the their tales of their families, the farms, and my cowboy relitives. Of course growing up in the days of TV Westerns, and Louis L'mour, I love the fantasy concept of the COWBOY. My dream story would be of a women who wins the love of a cowboy. I keep working on my stories and hoping that someday the right editor will apprecite my work.

As in my intests, pets dominate my life. I have had lots, and lots, most of them being stays, rejects, unwanted little beasties that need my love, and I am more than willing to give it to them.

I am married, and have a son in college. I have a job taking orders for fashion clothing on the telephone. I would give anything to be able to quite and stay home to write.

I live in New Mexico now, but have lived in 13 diferent states, although sometime it was only for a few months. I like to travel and see as much of the US as possible.

Interests: I have lots of interests. I believe that if a writer wants to be a good writer he/she must have lots, and lots of intersts. The more we find an interest in the more we can write about. My favorite interests include people and the amasing things that they

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes