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Rafay Farooq

Karachi, Pakistan


I love exploiting networks and always eager to find the odds from the even. My management skills and creative abilities helps me to socialize with people and take out the best from me. I am a proud member of many volunteering societies which are helping people directly or indirectly.

My special areas of interest in the field of Computer Sciences are Big Data Analytic, Sentiment Classification, Aspect Identification and Natural Language Processing. Image mining and Machine Learning are my secondary interest areas, and I am pursuing to do my major concentrated on these fields.

In my leisure time, you could find me blogging, writing, and reading. I love to read on technical topics, social write-ups and research mostly related with my area of study.

My aim in life is not to become BIG, but better so that I could live for others and do something different.

Interests: Management, Swimming, Hiking, Racing, Designing, Cricket, Programming, Writing, Research, Security Design, Security Breaching, Development, Gaming, Creative Art, Data Mining, Security Management, Game Development, Web Crawling, Data Extraction, Web Snoopi

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes