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Edward Wentworth-Shaw

Agent: Sarah Mason
London, United Kingdom


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Edward was born in 1981 and raised in Croydon by his father. Edward was first arrested for vandalism age 8 and infamously for attempted murder when he was 16.
Still in his early life, Edward was involved with London’s Arifs crime family and also had brief meetings with notorious criminals such as Charlie Kray, Tony Lambrianou and Lenny Mclean. Edward, married at 24, became involved in one of the biggest fraudulent operations in Ireland and became one of the largest cultivators of Cannabis which associated him with a 'Chao Pho' (Crime Family) from Thailand. Edward found himself in prison after constant monitoring by S.O.C.A (The Serious Organised Crimes Agency)
Upon his release, Edward found himself homeless having separated from his wife. He started his own business and his company grew and expanded, facilitating 6 other businesses in various markets with a 112 staff volume. Kings Group turned over £1.4 million in its first year. His status positioned him into meetings with the infamous Jordan Belfort and the courageous Chris Gardner. Edward was commended by the Mayor of Croydon for his commitment to youth employment and his charitable contributions. Edward also became a Virgin Business Mentor for Sir Richard Branson’s Start Up Group. Edwards company fell apart when he faced tragic family issues.
Finding himself desperately trying to accommodate his children’s financial needs, Edwards end story is the struggle in the local government elections where he stood as an independent, whilst homeless and on the verge of starvation. His life story also involves a confrontation with Neil Kinnock and Glenda Jackson. A meeting with Jack Straw and John Prescott, and a multi million pound business deal with Graham Stuart MP and Minister for Energy MP Mathew Hancock. Edward was also a financial consultant to Sir Bernard Zissman.
His story is filled with emotion, heartache, despair, love and hope. Beyond Avarice is the story of one man’s struggle to pursue his goals whilst facing daunting challenges, dangerous obstacles and impossible odds. Edward shares his feelings and experiences in prison, politics, business, parenthood and homelessness.
His rollercoaster life consists of a mixture of triumphs and tragedies, a passion to succeed at every level, Beyond Avarice is the journey of a man who never gave up on his dreams, even when the world was against him.
15 years of experience in business, sales and economics with wide general management knowledge and has had significant success in the profitable development of a range of city and financial services operations with particular achievements in new ventures and turnaround situations. Edward is now responsible as an independent consultant to several companies and as an advisor in an array of industries, primarily appointed for motivational, sales (face to face, telesales) financial, public relations and overall operational appointments. Edward lives with his 4 children and is the director of Knightingale Global Management, a Metropolitan Police panel advisor and resides in Croydon.

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Published works:


  • Beyond Avarice