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Pana Marufu

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe


"Feminism. It is word I have always been aware of but whose concept I have only just begun to realise. It is because I am Zimbabwean, eighteen years old, and indisputably female, that the idea presents itself clearly to me. I have often questioned my position in a society that promotes the emancipation of the woman politically, but raises its daughters in a culture whose traditions are based on and resemble the virtual worship of the male species."

Not only is this the opening line of my debut novel, a work-in-progress entitled "Unnatural Offences", but is also a statement I believe to perfectly encapsulate the purpose behind my writing endeavours, which I might add, are primarily based upon my personal experiences in regards to discrimination here in Zimbabwe. At only eighteen years old, I cannot claim to be an "expert" by any means, I have, after-all, only participated in local and national contests and have not been published as yet. I do, however, believe that my success is only yet to come and has thus far been stifled by school. I have since graduated (high-school) and am officially directing my efforts towards finishing my manuscript. At this point in time I also find myself trying to learn more about the writing and publishing world and pursue connections abroad given the political and social references contained in my book which pose uncertainty given the political situation in my country.

Interests: Social reform.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes