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Lehel Vandor

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Lehel Vandor (1971-) was born in Transylvania, and grew up, as a member of the
Hungarian ethnic minority there, during Nicolae Ceausescu's totalitarian regime. His
school, and later high school, studies have been completed during the communist
The 1989 revolution in Romania and the 1990 ethnic pogrom organized by the newly
formed Romanian extreme right happened during his final year at high school. In
1990, the first generation of students of the free Romanian began their University
studies. Lehel Vandor, too was among them, and the five years of student life have
been a memorable experience in the country that was just starting to find its way.
After finishing University in Transylvania, he obtained his PhD in the United
Kingdom and permanently settled there. Radical changes in British politics, 9/11,
the subsequent War on Terror, and its measures introduced by Tony Blair’s
government have provided numerous opportunities for drawing certain disturbing and
surprising parallels between two very different societies caught up in their ideological
and political fights with very different enemies.
Previously Lehel Vandor authored several series of articles and radio programs in
Hungarian and Romanian languages, published short stories in Hungarian language.
His photography is represented by several photo libraries. One of his other passions
is electronic music composition and production.

Interests: Photography, art history, music

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


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