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preeti rawal

Gurgaon, India


Home page:

well i am a very complex kind of person sometimes the people around me are puzzled by my ideas and notions i like to be with people but i mingle only upto a certain level i am close only to those whom i trust and love dearly and dont keep any reservations from those who i love i am very demanding and possessive in love and at the same time very passionate and caring i have deep faith in god and he is my closest friend my weel wisher and guide in all times it is only my trust in him that sustains me and nurtures me i am a verry independent kind of person who will take the help of others only occasionally

Interests: i like to write about my experiences of life and also about the life that i am leading just now i like to write about the atrocities which women face in my indian society i like to write about nature and also some mysterious incidents in my life

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes