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Romain Dolcy

Newark, Delaware, United States


Romain Dolcy, the last of 6 children was born on Wednesday November 11th 1987 in St.Lucia. He was raised in the relatively small community of Micoud, where he did his first 11 years of Education. Romain learned to write while attending the Micoud Infant School where he began writing short stories, essays and poems. Romain started writing poetry, short stories and plays from a very young age and has pursued his love for writing, in introducing his first ever publication: Emotivations.

He is very passionate about his family, friends, travelling, aviation, nature, reading, dancing, art and writing. Romain started out volunteering at the age of 8 with the St.Lucia Red Cross, Micoud Chapter under the supervision of Miss Eileen of Canada. At the age of twelve while attending the St.Mary´s College, a secondary school in St.Lucia, he volunteered as a Teacher´s Aide in his community at his old school, the Micoud Primary School. This young exceptional man has also taught professionally at the Church of God Holiness Academy of Saint Croix, USVI and has made his mark helping others.

His notable accomplishments include helping troubled youth and other vulnerable persons. Romain is known for going above and beyond to ensure healthy and bright lives and futures for all those he has encountered. He has helped with a small group in St.Lucia called Artistry, a youth group serving ages 5-30. He is truly an inspiration for all whose lives he has touched, and an angel. Romain is currently working on series of plays and also helping charities locally, internationally and in his home Island of St.Lucia and surrounding regions. Romain has also been working on a fiction series intended on being a trilogy. Look out for more exciting work from him coming soon!

Interests: Travel, Reading, Writing, Nature, Design, Art, History

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Paradise: A Hidden Truth
  • Poetry

  • Emotivations
  • The Verses of a Man