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Ann Gray

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Ormond Beach, Florida, United States


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Writer's background: Motion picture and television studios are familiar stomping grounds for me. My husband and I lived in LA for thirty-five years. (Norm Gray, over the years before retiring worked as a Director, Production Manager, First Assistant Director, and Second Assistant Director. His credits include “HAPPY DAYS”, “THE ODD COUPLE”, “MORK AND MINDY”, many feature motion pictures and TV Movies of the Week.) Producer Garry Marshall bought a story of mine and developed it into a three episode season opener for “HAPPY DAYS” in 1975. After that, I was a dues paying member of WGAw until 1986.

In August of 2002, I had published "Briars: The House of Heirs" in which a young pioneer family in 1838 fights the North Georgia wilderness to establish the village of Terminus at the end of the Western and Atlantic Railroad line.
As the years pass and the area grows, the town becomes known as Marthasville, later to be called Atlanta, the capitol of the state of Georgia. When the Civil War is winding down, Yankees invade the estate that the Heirs family has built over the years. Only women, a boy, and household slaves occupy the house at the time. The women declare their own war against the Yankees.

In August of 2005, I published a sequel to "BRIARS: The House of Heirs" entitled: "The INTANGIBLES File: A Gathering of Heirs." within it, a ghostly overtone prevails, as The Intabgibles File comes into being.
Is there a ghost in the halls of Briarcrest or are people imagining it to be so?

In May of 2008, the last book in the trilogy became available. When young Minister Michael Matthew O'Donnell is commissioned to sail from Ireland to America in 1883 to find a cousin whom he believes to be inheriting a fortune, he finds that cousin deceased and himself embattled against the woman appointed to be his sponsor.
As a minister, he establishes himself in the hearts of his community despite his on-going conflict with his sponsor, which reaches new depths when he tries to bring her to join the church.

A television executive says, combined, these three books stand a very good chance of becoming a television mini-series or a movie.

January, 2004 - Reginal, Florida Reviews -


BRIARS:The House of Heirs
by Ann Gray

It is November 15, 1864, and the Yankees are afoot with orders from Sherman to torch Atlanta. Houses for miles around are vacant, but Lillian Heirs, mistress of the Briar’s house-hold, is holding fast. She is waiting for one of her sons to come home from the War to help bury her hus-band Morgan. Waiting with Lillian are her daughters, sweet Sarah and the fiery Morgana, and her daughter-in-law, Laura Lee.
Meanwhile, needing a place to billet during the burning mis-sion, Lieutenant Shane Alexander Moss chooses Briars to house his detachment of the Union raiders. The naïve, young lieu-tenant assures Lillian that she and the three other Heirs women will not be disturbed -- and Briars will he spared from flames. The battle-worn soldiers, however, have other plans. While the Union foxes are plotting their pillage of the hen house, the Heirs women, with help from an old Negro, and the youngest Heirs son, pursue their own war against the invaders.
Though Ormond Beach writer Ann Gray opens Briars: The House of Heirs, with the pressing, personal story of Yankees at the gate the Briars saga begins in 1838 when Morgan Heirs wins the Briars land in a barroom bet. Using a deliberate style befitting period fiction, Gray draws readers through the lives of Morgan and Lillian and their offspring; their loves, losses, rebellions and transgressions. Endorsed for historical accuracy by The Daughters of the Confederacy, Gray paints a realistic picture of the Old South while retaining the idealistic charm of a romance.
Briars is a thick read of 387 pages plus an extensive roster of characters, including the household servants and family pets. Covering almost three decades, this isn't a book to he gobbled, but read slowly while absorbing the history and personalities.
Gray, a short story writer, says she was inspired by her own Confederate roots to undertake the daunting task of researching and depicting a Southern family. She says Briars is her labor of love. Briars: House of Heirs can be ordered from the Internet or ask for it at your favorite book retailer.
Book Review by Brandie Erisman
Please visit my website as well as where there are many reviews from readers on listings of all my books. You will see how well these books are being received across the country. I believe there is a fast growing readership, hungry for books like "BRIARS: The House of Heirs"; "The INTANGIBLES File: A Gathering of Heirs"; and "They Will Soar on Wings Like Eagles."

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  • BRIARS: The House of Heirs
  • The INTANGIBLES File: A Gathering of Heirs
  • "They Will Soar on Wings Like Eagles"