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Audrey Snead

Myrtle Point, Oregon, United States


A.M. Snead was born and raised on the Pacific West Coast, and continues to live in scenic rural Coos County. Having started writing seriously just two years ago, she began with suspense/thrillers and erotic romance, but soon discovered her true passion in M/M romance and passing on the message that 'all love is beautiful' and should be cherished and respected and accepted. Being raised in a conservative Christian home, she grew up with the belief that being gay was a sin. But upon reflection of the bible and what she knew of God, she couldn't help but believe that this was a grave misinterpretation of scripture and God's view of the matter. Above all, she hopes to weave the message of God's love for 'all' throughout her novels and help others understand the anguish and torment that gays often suffer simply because of who they love. "No one," she says, "has the right to tell another human being who to love, or that the love they feel is wrong. That is a very intimate, personal matter between that person, the one they love, and God. It is no one else's place to persecute them for following their heart."

Interests: M/M erotic romance, art, reading, LGBT Supporter, Christian religion

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Jack Of Hearts (Boys of Porn-Book 1)