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Robert Jarrett

Columbus, Ohio, United States


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Doctor Clay Colt is a dedicated believer and an ambassador of God's love in everything he does. He works for the CDC in Atlanta, GA, and is assigned a project to find the origin and possible cure for a flesh eating bacteria in the Philippines. Arriving in Manila at the airport, he is willingly 'kidnapped' by the lovely Mae Cantara, manager of a hotel in the suburbs. Clay knows there is a problem, but he also knows that a persons sins or the truth will be found out.
This is to be a Work/Vacation, and Mae becomes a true asset to Clay's goals in both areas. He has a problem sleeping with her every night, cultural shock, welcome to the Philippines. He believes in marriage before making love. The more Clay and Mae spend time together, the more they both realize they have feelings for each other.
The story takes them into the native jungles of the Philippines, where they find a village devastated by a flu epidemic. Mae is trained as a RN and helps the doctor in stabilizing the patients and they call in an air rescue for the village. They have a laison with a Colonel Trias of the local Philippine Air Force, who has been assigned to help Dr. Colt when needed.
Searching village to village, they come across a young Captain Benjamin, leader of a small Islamic and a Moors militia band. An incident occurs causing the Captain to take the Doctor and Mae as captives, and later tortures Mae as he believes they are spies. The Doctor diffuses the situation, as two airships arrive with Assault teams that have come to rescue the Doctor and Mae. Clay has Captain Ben to hide all his weapons and makes a truce protecting the Captain. The airships leave taking Mae to a hospital. Clay puts his trust in Captain Benjamin, and the Captain becomes the guide and translator for the mission.
They travel from native village to village in search of the disease and it's cure. They finally find a village where Robert's sister lives and she tells he stayed for a day and night. He had the condition when he left the village to come to America. There is a native doctor Bajuyo who is familiar with the disease and also the cure. Bajuyo takes them to a tree where they find the moss and some special roots growing below the tree. She shows how to combine the two to make a treatment for the disease.
It becomes a two or three day race running through the jungle and sleeping under the stars, to get to civilization. They have made it to Cagayan de Oro, Dr. Colt has made a real friend with Captain Ben, and he treats his new friend Ben and his sidekick, Jim to some special treats. They send the results to the CDC and make arrangements to get everything in order to gather the necessary cure. Mae and her mom, Anna and husband Michael meet Clay, Ben and Jim and have a celebration before splitting up the next morning.
This begins a little vacation, and Clay rents a new red Corvette convertible for Mae. They visit a small beach that Mae wants to share with Clay and they have fun. They drive down to Mae's parents later and spend a few days awaiting the arrival of the boxes to ship the plants back to the CDC.
An airship takes them to the village and they package up the roots and moss to airship to the CDC to treat Robert's disease. With the cure, Robert begins to improve. Regine Baticulin, Mae's best lifelong friend, sets up a press conference at Mae's hotel. Mae has already told Regine of the trick she pulled stealing the fax with Dr. Colts reservation. Most of the team are gathered together, and they have a celebration after the press conference.
A botanist is found, Claire Miquaibas. With Captain Ben's help she is to find a name for the tree, moss/algae and the roots. This becomes a side romance that does not develop in this book. Another is Jim, Captain Ben's right hand man, falls in love with Robert Toribio's sister, Gloria Toribio, at this time I do not look for this romance to be developed in future writing.
Thoughts of love have run through both Clay and Mae's minds. Through the story they fall more and more in love. Mae is the first to say. "I love you." In the Philippines age difference is not a big thing, as much as it in the USA. But it is a consideration of Clay, but not Mae. Clay does overcome his inhibition and later tells Mae he loves her. Clay has also found himself in a family and new friends that he is very comfortable with and enjoys.
Michael and Anna want to take Clay and Mae, to a special place they like. It is a dinner club called, TANTILIZING TEMTATIONS. For entertainment they have belly dancers of about 15 different girls, different music, different dancing, and different exotic dress. It is a real turn on for the ladies, and Michael warns Clay, that anything could happen that night.

(Funny conversation with my brother-in-law, I told him I had the fantasy of having a harem. He laughed, and said all men have that fantasy, and then we are both laughing.)

Clay comes into Mae's bedroom when invited, and scented candles are burning, and he comes over to her, and she asks him to undress her. He does and carries her to the bed, where he ravishes her body with kisses and touches that she finally climaxes. She flips him over and she is on top and wants to feel him inside her. Suddenly by the hand of God, Clay vanishes. Mae is heartsick at his disappearance, but knows that God will bring him back.
This is where book two takes off. The first chapter is included with this submission. Dr. Clay Colt finds himself in a state of disillusionment, and his mind is devoid of any sane thoughts. He is just drifting in a black hole after being transported by God about a mile away on a beach in the early hours of the morning. Finally in the blackness of his mind he sees a dim light in the distance. He wakes to find two policemen standing over him with their flashlights in his eyes. They are on the beach and he only has his shorts on. They ask for his identification, and he has none. They know he is a foreigner. But these two policemen are at the lowest level of police work patrolling the beaches on quads. They realize he is not drunk, and tell them they are not arresting him, but they have to hold him because he is out of their jurisdiction and they have to call immigration.

Interests: People are my main interest, love or hate them, they are all great for helping you develop characters for stories. Like animals and traveling, waterfalls and beaches are my favorite places to be. Plan to move to the Philippines shortly.

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