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David Cook

Leicester, United Kingdom


David Cook is from Hampshire, but now lives in Leicestershire with his wife and young son.

David has been interested in history since his school days, and developed a love for the Napoleonic Wars era from his father, who painted and amassed a lead model army of the Battle of Waterloo. From there, David became fascinated with The English Civil Wars, the Wars of the Roses and English medieval history, particularly the legend of Robin Hood. David is writing a novel entitled The Wolfshead, a story of Robin, but based on the original medieval ballads as the source.

For more information and updates on that story please visit

Liberty or Death is the first novella in The Soldier Chronicles series, which will be companion stories to a main volume of printed books chronicling the Napoleonic Wars era, as seen through the eyes of a young British officer. Heart of Oak, is the second and Blood on the Snow will be released in September 2014.

David is keen to answer any questions about his planned books, or about anything else history related, and can be found on twitter, Goodreads, facebook, wattpad, kboards, librarything and Booksie amongst others.

Interests: Historical-fiction, Military, War, Medieval, Tudor and Stuart era

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Fire and Steel