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Jaye Em Edgecliff

Agent: None
Private, Massachusetts, United States

What do you want to know, and why should I answer?

Who and what I am has no bearing on my writing. I could be a cat, I could be random
data corruption of what had been a jpeg of Sara-Jean Underwood's breasts, I could be
anything or anyone. I'm a by-line on the cover of a book.

It's what's in the pages between the covers, colloquially known as 'the story', which
actually matters. Don't read my work because of my sex assumed or known, don't
write it because of whatever my sexual preferences might be. Read it because it looks
interesting and enjoy it if you like it; there's no other reason. I don't even care if you
remember my name or my titles so long as you recognise the book in your collection
and pick it up fondly, time to time, and reread it.

Interests: Numerous.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Love or Lust
  • Ready or Not