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Frank Addessi

Roseto, Pennsylvania, United States


Home page:

I was born in the badlands of Brooklyn, NY and while I was too young to remember
my birth and early months I have been able to verify those facts.My formative years
were spent in the circus where I was the youngest lion tamer in the world until age
7 when I was sold to gypsies and trained to become an assassin. Okay, I was
never in the circus or sold to gypsies but I do love a good circus!

My real life is not as exciting but if you are interested please continue reading.

I really was born in the borough of Brooklyn, which truly is the greatest city in the
world although I am currently living in exile in the bucolic hills of northeast
Pennsylvania, in the world famous town of Roseto. I've raised three children to
adulthood, the youngest of which is now 20 and numerous dogs. None of the dogs
has made it to twenty which leads me to believe I am somewhat better with children
than animals. None of my children are in desperate need of therapy which I
suppose is further proof that either my parenting skills are not bad or more than
likely my children just lucky. I would take solace in the knowledge that my wife
believes I'm wonderful, but she needs therapy!

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Covering Your Assets With an Emergency Fund