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Deborah O'Toole

Spokane, Washington, United States


Home page:

Born in Connecticut and raised in Texas, Utah, Nevada and California. Self-taught on computer, and have been writing for many years.

My official web site was recently changed back to my maiden name Deborah O'Toole (and was formerly EBOOKS BY DEBBY HUNT), and the name change will also reflect in my published work. PASSION FORSAKEN will be released by Tyborne Hill Publishers in February 2003, and I just signed a contract for a second book, due in late 2003.

Other books on my web site include "Larkin", and "Fall of the Curtain," and five free ebooks that are children's stories, including "Foofer and the Ham Bone," "Foofer Goes East," "Foofer and St. Nick," "Foofer, the Pooka & St. Patrick," and "Foofer Gets Groomed."

I also write food culture articles for a cooking site called SAVORYS BY SHENANCHIE. Currently, I have researched and written extensive articles on Japan, Russia, Mexico, Ireland, Greece, Wales, Halloween, Monaco, Christmas, England, Switzerland, St. Patrick's Day, Poland. Medieval Culture, Australia, America, France, Spain, All Hallows Eve and Madagascar. This site also includes cooking tips, dog food recipes and links.

I have also contributed writing to the current support manual for the "Exebook Self-Publisher."

I am currently almost complete writing a 8th ebook, and my next project will be a historical novel with another writer.

I was recently married, shortly after which we re-located to Washington.

Interests: writing, reading, playing with Foofer, solitaire games, computer

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Foofer Goes East