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Maranda Evans

Houston, Texas, United States


Name: Maranda Evans
Born: September 1, 1992 in Houston, TX
Education: BBA in Accounting
Book: I wrote a book titled Troubled. It is a true story based on my life over a ten-year
period. I lost my father at age 11 and began to make terrible choices with my life. I
wrote this book to reach out to young women and teens who feel as though no one
relates to them. It is a motivational testimony of what I was compared to who I've
become. It can be found on under Troubled by Maranda Evans.

Interests: My interests are school, preferably Accounting, writing, singing, and reading. I like all kinds of book and music genres. I like to learn from things so I write things people can learn from.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Troubled