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Eric Bakutis

Dallas, Texas, United States


Home page:

I have a Bachelor's Degree in English and a Technical Writing certification from the University of North Texas. I currently work as a technical writing consultant in Dallas, working on such high-profile projects at the American Airlines Flight Attendant Safety and Food Service Manual.

Prior Publishing Experience:
August 2001 - Escape from the Bastille (15 minute movie short rendered in 3D Studio Max in cooperation with Tritin Films)
This much anticipated Machinima movie was premiered at Quakecon 2001 to an audience of around 500 people, and received immediate and glowing reviews from convention attendees and several large videogame websites, including 'Escape from the Bastille' pulled down 75,000 downloads on Planetquake's file server and all available mirrors in the first two days of its release, and has since been downloaded over 120,000 times. 'Escape from the Bastille' is the most successful project I've worked on to date, and I feel the movie will make my name familiar to a much wider audience, appealing both to fans of popular videogames such as Quake and Unreal and fans of Machinima films, as well as readers of my prior fanfiction and online novels.

November 1998 - Loss of Innocence (fanfiction based on the videogame Final Fantasy VII, published to the Internet).
The sequel to Forgotten Messiah, this book also garnered a number of favorable reviews from both fanfiction sites and fanfiction readers alike, bringing in around 200 e-mails from people who read and enjoyed the book. This helped to cement my name in the upper echelons of free fiction community fiction and I plan to keep this fanbase by publishing the third book in the trilogy to the Internet this year, while I continue to work at publishing commercially. Due to copyright issues, a free online version of these books is the only distribution method I feel comfortable with, but they should continue to intrigue current fans and bring in new readers who will then be interested in my commercial novels.

August 1998 - Devil's Covenant (two hour long science-fiction epic filmed and rendered in ID Software's Quake engine)
Devil's Covenant is a 'Machinima' movie, a recently coined term to describe movies and other media created within popular game engines. The game engine renders the movie in real-time, allowing users to download long movies with sound and music without dealing with large files. Devil's Covenant premiered at Quakecon '98 in Mesquite, TX, to an audience of about 80 people, and the original version has since been downloaded over 8000 times.
A second version of Devil's Covenant was created for The Games Machine, a popular videogame magazine based in Italy, and was included on a pack-in CD for their April 99 issue with a 30,000 copy distribution.
The final version of Devil's Covenant, The Directors Cut, was published to the Internet in August of 2000 and had received a respectable 2,000 downloads as of July 15, 2001. It was also featured at the Sci-Fi Channel's Exposure Film Festival in New York in August of 2000.

November 1997 - Forgotten Messiah (fanfiction based on the videogame Final Fantasy VII, published to the Internet).
Forgotten Messiah was my first major success with online fiction. Since it was posted in 1997 I've received around 250 e-mails from readers who greatly enjoyed the book and told me they would love to buy any commercial novels that I publish. A much larger number have probably read the book in its many subsequent incarnations, and it has been hosted and mirrored on about thirty different fanfiction sites to date, including the well-known

Interests: Writing (scripts and novels), movie-making

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Escape from the Bastille
  • Devil's Covenant
  • Devil's Covenant